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The CITES Virtual College

European Union UNIA The CITES Virtual College has become an essential resource in efforts to enhance capacities of Parties, increase awareness of the Convention and provide learning and training materials on CITES. The Secretariat is thankful to the 181 Parties to CITES, the European Union and the International University of Andalusia whose support made this innovative training resource possible.

Available Courses

DISCLAIMER: While we endeavor to keep the training materials of the following courses up to date and factual, there may be some errors and omissions on the content. Please contact us at for any questions and/or suggestions.

  • This training will introduce you to CITES e-permitting. It is intended for anyone interested in e-permitting, and particularly beneficial for officials in CITES Management, Scientific or Enforcement Authorities in Member Countries of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization.
  • This course offers an introduction to what is usually called a non-detriment finding (NDF). Many researchers and observers of the Convention have called NDFs the heart of CITES and one of its very unique characteristics.
  • This course aims to introduce the Convention and enforcement-related issues to officers and Custom officials involved in dealing with CITES specimens, as well as other government and police officials involved in enforcement of wildlife laws and regulations. Due to the subject matter of the course and accompanying reading materials, enrolment is restricted to CITES Authorities, enforcement and Customs officials, and other officials involved in the enforcement of wildlife laws and regulations.
  • Welcome to the Introduction to CITES course for Customs Officers. Upon completing this course, you will be able to examine and process CITES protected specimens in accordance with provisions and guidelines of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.